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Several decades have passed since 1971 and many things have changed.

I have practiced several sports, I have tried many different diets, I have played some musical instruments, danced, sang, painted and much more. I studied and above all experienced firsthand what life offered to me.

Studying is one of the activities that I find most stimulating, especially when I can implement what I learn and as I am a practical person, I have always found ways to do it.

Effectiveness is the measure of truth and both through my scientific studies and with my spiritual evolution through PSYCH-K® I have taken many steps on the path to “Truth”.

From space exploration to the exploration of consciousness

I graduated in physics and worked for over 12 years in space exploration.

Life offered me important challenges and even with everything I knew I was not able to solve them. A very painful grief forced me to look for something else, to look within. I started to explore the multiple self-help modalities: Reiki, Touch for Health, Chakra, Shamanism, Yoga, experiential paths of various nature and effectiveness.

Each made a small contribution to my well-being but nothing was significant: it was as if all those little steps had prepared me to encounter PSYCH-K®, in 2008. PSYCH-K® came to me through Bruce Lipton’s book – “The Biology of Belief”.

This book appeared “by chance” on a shelf and after a few months there was a PSYCH-K® Basic workshop waiting for me in my hometown.

Since then, PSYCH-K® has become part of my daily life and within a short period of time it led me to heal myself, to leave my work in space exploration and to dedicate myself to the exploration of human nature: there is so much to discover on Earth and within ourselves that putting myself at the service of this purpose was a call I could not refuse.

In the wake of the 40-year crisis, I quit my job. It was end of 2011.

At the beginning of 2012 I got certified as PSYCH-K Basic instructor, then of the Advanced Workshop, then of PER-K®, and more in the following years.

I profoundly believe that if everyone focused their energy in providing a contribution of beauty, we would live in a better world for us all.

Since the attendance to my first PSYCH-K® Basic Workshop, EVERYTHING has changed in my life: job, family, relationships, financial status, freedom, quality of my time and inner peace and wisdom.

Above all, I achieve awareness that all the resources I need to cope with any situation are within myself: I can just shift my perception of the “problem” and my belief system to adapt to circumstances and thrive. Just like Nature does.
A seed thrown among the stones does not use its energy to complain nor to make comparisons with the luckier seeds that have fallen on the meadow; it uses his energy to grow, flourish and brings its contribution of beauty where there were stones before.
I deeply believe that if everyone focuses their energy on their contribution of beauty, we will live in a better world.
Not only do I believe it, but I witness it every day when I share PSYCH-K® and PER-K®. This is not difficult: it is the Nature we are made of, it is our Soul, our Higher Self – or Superconscious, as we call it in PSYCH-K®.
We have been offered the possibility of this life in order to thrive and share our beauty and with PSYCH-K® this becomes simple, fun and accessible to everyone!