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Why have a private session?

A PSYCH-K® private session is the ideal approach if you are experiencing difficult situations and feeling you do not have the adequate resources to face them by yourself. It is also an excellent approach to speed up the transformation process if you feel ready for a big shift. Whether you are already a PSYCH-K® facilitator, or you know and use other modalities or you are new to a holistic approach, a PSYCH-K® session is a valuable support in situations of physical and emotional discomfort.

You will be transforming the limiting beliefs and subconscious perceptions that are creating stress and that are limiting your full potential and inner peace.



Each and every PSYCH-K® Balance activates your inner resources for subconscious change.

When working at this level, a greater inner balance is rapidly achieved resulting in feeling better with yourself and others. Predicting when and how changes will occur is not feasible because each individual is unique in his- or herself, in its history and in its context. Yet changes will soon manifest and often ‘miracles’ happens. Thanks to the engagement of the superconscious in the process, with PSYCH-K® every change is totally safe and takes you towards your best manifestation. Often the shift is immediately perceived, sometimes a transformation process starts and unfolds in the appropriate time.

The sessions take place mainly online

Occasionally and exceptionally I receive people in person in Italy, in Rome and Turin or at the Workshop’s premises.
For online sessions I use Zoom platform, which you can install in a few minutes on any device by connecting to this website:
Once the date and time of the session are agreed upon, I will send you a link for accessing our private conference room. At the end of the session, you will receive a summary email with the main points of the experience, the agreed action plan and any other aspects discussed during the meeting.

The day before the session, you are invited to send me an email collecting the priority topics you want to transform. Before the session, you should install Zoom on this website: and make sure everything is up and running, including interfaces with a microphone and headset, if any.

Once installed and at the agreed time, simply click on the link that you will have received via email: a window will open and you will have to select “Join the meeting” and type in an identifying name.

During the session it is a good idea sitting in a quiet place, where you can sit cozily and with ease in moving legs and arms if needed. The environment should provide adequate light for your face to be clearly visible. It is useful to have water to drink nearby and paper and pen (if you like to take note). However, I will provide you with a summary email at the end of the session, like this you can even just sit and enjoy the process if you feel so.

It would be ideal if you could have some moment to sediment the experience soon after the session. As much as you can, soon after the meeting allow yourself some spare time and a moment to relax to let the experience internalize.


During the session we will have time to do several balances on your priority issues.

Here are some examples of what we can do with PSYCH-K® during our session.

Integration of empowering subconscious beliefs:

If you have goals that you are struggling to achieve, it is very likely because something in your subconscious is not aligned with these goals.

They can be trauma from your past experiences, limiting perceptions or sabotaging beliefs resulting from the environment you grew up in. It could even be that these goals are not congruent with the best of yourself or do not fully represent your souls’ purpose. With PSYCH-K® we will find the best goals for you and speed up their actualization, integrating the empowering beliefs needed to transform the situation in the direction that you desire.

Transformation of the perception of stressful situation

With PSYCH-K® you can easily transform the perception of stressful situations, ‘neutralizing’ their painful emotional impact. The effects of this balance are nearly immediate and long-lasting. This approach is particularly effective in case of emotional traumas (unique, repeated or recurring events), fears, phobias, blockages and resistances in behaving as we ‘feel right’.

Blind Balances

Sometimes we experience stressful situations and even physical conditions without consciously knowing their cause nor their solution. Even though we believe we “tried everything” the situation persists and a sense of frustration takes over. The conscious mind only deals with 5% of our thoughts and feelings whilst the subconscious knows all the circumstances that created that situation or condition. By accessing and transforming the subconscious, we can shift it even without the conscious mind being engaged in the process nor understanding the details.

Rapport Balance

This process allows you to be whole-braind in any communication circumstance. Both verbal and non-verbal aspects of the communication are balanced, and representative systems are included (Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic).

Anyone who wishes to communicate more effectively, professionally and/or inter-personally, greatly benefits from this balance.

Relationship Balance

This process is designed to deepen the subconscious understanding between two individuals, identifying and balancing the subconscious issues that sustain stress and keep them away from a peaceful relationship. It is extremely effective for couples, for family relationships, for business relationship, friendships and for any other type of relationship, including the one with ourselves. It does not require the presence of the person with whom you want to balance the relationship for.

Core Belief Balance

This process is an efficient and effective way to discover and transform the Core Beliefs that are preventing your full potential from manifest. This balance is excellent for those individuals who feel ready for a big shift in a short notice and for those who feel the need to “stir the wheels” in their life patterns.

Life Bonding Balance

The experience of birth and fear of death play a huge role in our human experience. This balance uses a breath pattern to release any subconscious stress related to the ‘trauma’ of birth and the perception of death. It brings harmony and balance in our soul path and a profound awareness of our souls’ journey. This balance often provides significant benefits also for those who have sleep pattern disorders or those who tend to keep everything under control.

Optimal Health Balance

Balancing optimal health is an efficient way to discover and change the beliefs that are keeping you away from optimal health within your body/mind/spirit system.

This balance transforms all the limiting belief that psycho-neuro-endocrine-immunological (PNEI) research has demonstrated to be the foundations of optimal state of wellbeing.

Alternative Life Balance

Our mind activates the same mechanisms during real life and during imaginative processes. It responds emotionally and physically to dreams, memories, imagination, visualizations as well as external perceptions.

This balance creates a vivid experience and a biological ‘template’ that play as a reference frame for moving towards an alternative life, free from the undesired condition or situation.

Message from a situation or condition.

Experiences occur for a reason and not by chance. Nevertheless, often their purpose, or life lesson, is a mystery to our conscious awareness, yet this experience brings us a message.

With PSYCH-K® we can identify and subconsciously integrate all messages related to a situation or condition. At the end of this process it is very plausible that repeating that experience is no longer needed and thus it will not recur again: ​​the messenger accomplished its goal once the message is actually received.

Secondary Gain

It may happen that undesired conditions or situations are subconscious “strategies” to protect us from experiences that it considers even less desirable! These are called “secondary gains” and they play a huge role in our life! They can be source of stress and frustration, but at the same time they are there to prevent us from encountering even greater stress (or at least this is what the subconscious mind believes).

With PSYCH-K® we can identify and balance the secondary gains that are sustaining a condition or a situation. By integrating this information, the subconscious no longer needs to ‘protect’ us and more than often the connected experiences are released and our life journey is back in the flow of life.

Customised Processes

PSYCH-K® is a very flexible set of processes and complements very well with other modalities. It easily adapts to your personal needs and offers you the most suitable process and method to meet your personal growth requirements and expectations.



The first session lasts one hour and a half, the following sessions last an hour. Each session includes a telephone or email follow-up within a few weeks of the meeting.



Individual Sessio: 190€
This is recommended in case of urgent or specific issues. It could be the best starting point for your firt experience with PSYCH-K® in order to decide how to better move forward.

5- Session pack with follow-up: 850€
Racommended for those who are committed to speed up their self-realisation experience.

Big Shift with PSYCH-K® 1000€
Specific for those who are ready to a huge and safe shift in their life! In these 6 sessions we will facilitate the most profound life-changing PSYCH-K® balances (Core Belief Balance, Rapport Balance, Optimal Health Balance, Life bonding Balance,  Alternative Life Balance, Relationship balance with Onself)


After 8 days from the session I can say that I feel important changes, especially those regarding food, which was the reason that brought me to all this, but the most striking thing to be changed is really me in the deep.I am much quieter and the things I do are much better than before … that is, my performance has improved dramatically: with minimal effort, I have never had such a result.In general a remarkable improvement on everything, I feel new and regenerated.A kind of mental grey veil that was interfering with my optimal functioning has disappeared.

Laura, Retired

I am writing after about 4 weeks from our session. Everything seems to move in the right direction, this time appears a spring of the soul, as many of the things I wanted to change/ get are really occurring as I wanted them to be. I am more in harmony with myself, relaxed and confident. In fact, I finally got the job I wanted!

Gabrio, Journalis

Since I was a child, when I was excited my hands trembled and often my voice and body also trembled too. I could not help myself from doing it and I always thought “it is just the way I am”. Few months ago, I got a new job for which this condition was a strong limitation. I comforted myself by saying: “Okay, it is just a temporary job”. But no, actually “Temporary” has become my trembling! I can say that it lasted few decades, since I’m almost 48. But the important thing is that its time has expired! I’ve been observing myself for a week now, testing various circumstance, and I am convinced that PSYCH-K® has really worked!

Claudia, Researcher

Since our last meeting, nothing extraordinary occurred … yet I simply feel just like I have “returned to myself”. It is not easy to explain, but it is as if I am back in contact with the deepest part of my soul. I seldom had this feeling in the past, but it never occurred so clear and so often as after our session.It makes me feel good, it is a very strong feeling that sometimes makes me burst into tears. Put simply it is as if I had “understood the universe”, the one outside and especially the one inside me! What to say …. thank you!Thanks for what you do for me, I am really very happy to have known you and I wish you much peace.

Cristina, Teacher

I have always thought “What you think, manifest”; that everything is energy, but I never managed to find the key to materialize it! I have read several books, researched, met people; but nothing.Yet inside of me I profoundly knew it was possible and that everything had to be simple, because it is all within us, but we forgot it …Since we did the session on Skype it’s been simple!My life is the same, but I have another perception, beautiful things happened … tomorrow I go to a job interview, which I was not looking for, yet a person I knew called me and this makes me very excited! My boss gave me a prize, which is pretty rare!!My body is in transformation after balancing for self-confidence: my posture has changed, I walk upright, without feeling any weights on my shoulders.I consider our meeting as a gift.

Fabia, Clerk

Carissima Irene… è con profonda gratitudine che ti inoltro questo mio post…il bilanciamento che abbiamo fatto era “mi merito di guadagnare con l’arte” e dopo anni di silenzio pittorico ho finalmente dato vita a questo progetto articolato che verrà esposto. Credo davvero che il lavoro fatto con te abbia sbloccato qualcosa. vediamo gli sviluppi… ti abbraccio e ti ringrazio. 

Francesca, pittrice